Crazy Sports Injuries

There are some crazy sports injuries that happen in football fields, basketball courts, skateboarding parks, and just about anywhere else you can play sports or ride boards, bikes or skates. Injuries include broken bones, fractures, torn muscles, concussions, and worse. Here’s a look at some of the more recent injuries, as well as those that happened years ago but are still in the news.

Tyrone Prothro | Personal Injury Lawyer 
Tyrone Prothro played wide receiver for the Alabama Crimson Tide until he was hit in the air during a touchdown catch in 2006 and came down hard on his lower leg. Tyrone is now on medical scholarship at Alabama, indicating that he may never play again.
Bull Fighter | Injury Attorney 
In Spain, this unidentified bullfighter is gored in the backside after he failed to negotiate the bull’s quick turn.
Steve Yzerman | Injuries
Detroit Red Wings’ Captain Steve Yzerman was hit in the face with a puck while playing against Calgary in 2004. He had to have surgery on his orbital bone, and was experiencing seriously blurred vision. Yzerman did not wear a face shield.
Bryce Florie | Injury 
Red Sox pitcher Bryce Florie was hit in the face in 2000 with a line drive from Yankee’s Ryan Thompson. He suffered multiple broken bones and eye damage, but did comeback to pitch seven more games.
Skateboarding Injury 
This unidentified skateboarder took a fall face first and seriously messed up his mouth.
Mountain Bike Crash | Injuries 
This unidentified mountain biker is about to crash…but thankfully he ends up with only minor injuries.

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