All you have to do to get your fill of violent injuries is go to the movies…there are so many horrific, violent movies out there, I don’t even know where to start this list. From getting heads chopped off to eyeballs plucked out, these movies are sure to leave your spine tingling and your stomach queasy.

I deliberately left out horror films…they are in a category all their own. And yes, please leave your favorite “injury movies” in the comment box below.

#10 Pulp Fiction
How many people can they shoot?
Pulp Fiction | Injury
#9 Saving Private Ryan
Good movie…hard to get through because of all the violence. But that’s what war is, right?
Saving Private Ryan | Injury
#8 Hannibal
Being eaten…by another person. Is there a worse injury than that?
Hannibal | Personal Injury Attorney
#7 Misery
And you thought the photos in the soccer injury blog were bad…all you have to do is watch Cathy Bates with her hammer. ARGH. That’s so painful to even think about.
Misery | Injury Lawyers
#6 Pan’s Labyrinth
Um, yeah. Nightmares about those weird creatures just won’t stop.
Pan's Labyrinth | Personal Injury Lawyer
#5 American History X
The curb scene. Need I say more?
American History X | Injuries
#4 Reservoir Dogs
From cutting off an ear to bleeding to death from gunshot wounds, this is one “injury movie” that will give you your fill of blood (as if you needed it).
Reservoir Dogs | Personal Injury Lawyers
#3 Kill Bill
I’ve never seen such a collage of bodies spewing blood this way and that. It goes on and on and on to the point of being amusing, which is even more disturbing.
Kill Bill | Injury Attorneys
#2 Requiem for a Dream
If you have friends who do drugs, all you have to do is show them this movie!
Requiem For a Dream | Injury
#1 I left slot #1 open for you to decide. So what do you think? What’s the most violent movie you’ve ever seen?