Which Water Bottles are BPA-Free?

By now you’ve heard about BPA, or Bisphenol-A, a harmful compound that leaches from plastic bottles into your water, causing cancer, infertility, growth and birth defects, and more.

It’s time to stop using water bottles with BPA, but how can you be sure your new bottle doesn’t have it? Here’s a helpful list of tips to check for:
  • Most plastics that have the #7 in the recycle symbol contain BPA. Not all do, but looking for that #7 can be your first method of defense.
  • There are several “BPA-free” bottles on the market now, although they’re getting snatched up by health-conscious consumers before most stores can restock them, so if you see them, grab them! They are:
    • Nalgene (must say “BPA-free”)
    • Camelback (again, must say “BPA-free”)
    • SIGG
    • Klean Kanteen
    • Katadyn
    • Rubbermaid Sip
    • Amphipod Hydraform
    • Gel-Bot
    • Guyot Designs
    • Swellz
    • New Wave Enviro Bottle
  • Also, avoid eating and drinking out of cans. If you find yourself buying a lot of canned soup and drinking a lot of soda, find alternative sources. BPA can leach into your food and soda, but not at such a high rate as it does through plastics.


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