While many hope people will spend stimulus checks in retail stores to help revitalize the economy, some state governments seem to be thwarting that effort.

Several states are seizing stimulus checks to pay off back state income taxes and other debts like child support. Those states include Maine and Georgia, and thousands of people are complaining that they weren’t told their money would be seized, and they are going into debt because they already borrowed against it. In fact, some are threatening to file suit against the states, stating that they were told the checks could not be used to pay back taxes.
State officials claim that this is a normal procedure, and one that takes place every year. States usually seize any money that people would get in their tax returns, and officials say the stimulus check is basically the same thing.
More than 16,000 stimulus checks have been seized in Georgia, adding up to more than $4.66 million. Maine’s child support division had already collected $1.2 million by Friday, money that had been diverted from more than 1,800 people.
So how can you find out if your state will divert your stimulus check? First, if you don’t owe anything in state back taxes, child support, or have any other state debts, you will receive your check (if you haven’t already). All checks will be issued by the end of July. If you are in debt to the state, type the name of your state plus “stimulus check” into an Internet search engine. For example, Google: “Utah stimulus check.” You’ll find out if your state is seizing checks or not.
Finally, check the IRS’s payment schedule to see when your check is supposed to be mailed.
If you don’t receive your check on time, call the IRS at 1-866-234-2942.

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