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The Hidden Problem of Abuse

Popular singer Rihanna was recently discovered to have allegedly been beaten by her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown. Just as a reminder of how big this problem is, I want to quote a few statistics…

Josef Fritzl, the 73-year-old Austrian man who imprisoned his daughter in his home, raped her, and fathered seven children with her over a period of 24 years, came forward after one of the children fell gravely ill and had to be hospitalized. He will be tried for rape, the severest of his crimes under Austrian law.

By now you have heard about the Austrian man who locked his daughter in the basement, where she has been for the last 24 years, and raped her on a regular basis, producing as many as seven children with her.

Thirty-seven people were arrested as Olympic torch-bearers attempted to proceed through France on this leg of the torch’s journey to China. The final leg of the relay, through Paris, was cancelled after activists tried on several occasions to grab the torch, douse it with water, and stop the procession from continuing.

Eliot Spitzer, now resigned governor of New York, allegedly paid more than $4,000 for her services, according to court documents.

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