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What’s Your Worst Injury Ever?

My worst injury ever was getting kicked by a horse. It was pretty nasty, actually. The horse I was walking behind got spooked, backed up, and kicked me in the chest with both hind legs. The blow threw me backwards, and I thought I had broken my ribs.

People file lawsuits because someone has caused them injury, pain, property damage, or more. The law is in place to make sure people are protected from theft, defective products, medical mishaps, and many other types of incidents. However, there are some people who abuse the court system and file suits that are just downright weird, and for the most part, their cases never see the inside of a courtroom because they get thrown out before they get there. Here are a few of them.

Injuries: Fractured Ribs

Explanation and Causes: The rib cage extends from the back bone around the front to the where they meet up at the sternum which is the breast bone. The functions of the rib cage are a wide variety. Therefore several different types of tissue are associated or connected with rib cage. The rib cage provides […]

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