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How To Help Without Getting Hurt

Thursday, October 9th, 2008

If you know First Aid and CPR, or even if you just know how to help someone from sustaining further injuries, how do you make sure to keep yourself safe while doing so? Here are some tips.

Know that blood, saliva and urine are the body fluids that carry the most germs and contaminants. Make sure to avoid touching or swallowing any of these fluids by accident.
Try to wear protective gloves, eyewear and even face masks when helping others, especially if there is blood or other fluid present. Although most people don’t carry protective gear with them, it might be smart to add it to the First Aid kit you already carry in your car. And yes, you should always carry a First Aid kit in your car.
Always carry a mouth or CPR shield if you intend to give CPR. This will protect you from saliva and other fluids. However, if you don’t have a shield, remember that the person’s life may be in your hands. If you don’t have a shield, pull the person’s shirt over his or her mouth and use it as a guard.
Wash your hands, mouth, eyes, and any other body parts that come in contact with the victim as soon as possible after contamination. Use soap and a high volume of clean water. Scrub underneath finger nails. Rinse and spit if you believe your mouth might be contaminated. Flush your eyes with water if they were contaminated.
Finally, don’t let the fear of becoming contaminated prevent you from saving someone’s life. It often takes large amounts of fluids entering your body in order for you to become contaminated, so be careful, but help when you can!