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Mild Brain Injury

Brain injuries often happen as a result of head trauma. These are called traumatic brain injuries. Head trauma occurs during car accidents, falls, and assaults, as well as many other incidents during which the head receives a substantial blow. The brain becomes injured because the skull is damaged or because the brain is shaken inside the skull. Bleeding can build up pressure within the skull, which can also damage the brain.

Mild brain injury

Mild brain injuries include most concussions and more minor head traumas that result in some confusion and dizziness or only a brief moment of unconsciousness. Mild brain injuries usually heal themselves; the person usually does not experience any long-term symptoms. Short-term symptoms include headache, dizziness, confusion, blurred vision and nausea. Remember that any head trauma and potential brain injury should be treated as an emergency; swelling and bleeding inside the skull may not be immediately apparent and calling 911 or receiving medical attention should be done immediately.

Treatment and rehabilitation for brain injuries is costly—the annual cost for brain injuries in the U.S. often exceeds $50 billion. Rehabilitation often includes physical therapy, speech therapy and psychological treatment. People who suffer from brain injuries often need occupational therapy as well. Contact an injury lawyer in order to have your questions and financial concerns addressed by a professional.

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