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Head and Face Injuries

Victims of head and face injuries may be entitled to compensation. Injuries to the head or face are often extremely dangerous, traumatic, and painful. Severe brain damage, physical disfiguration, and emotional trauma often result. Because of the gravity of these injuries, sufferers should seek compensation whenever possible.

Have you suffered a head and face injury?
Head and face injuries happen when victims least expect it. Unfortunately, whether in the car, in the workplace, at home, or in the outdoors, the head and face are always at risk of injury. Often, these injuries occur despite wearing protective gear. Some of the symptoms may be:

  • Loss of consciousness or memory loss
  • Bleeding, swelling, pain, and discoloration

What are the results of head and face injuries?
Because the head and face contain so many of the body’s important organs, damage from a head and face injury can seriously affect the victim’s ability to work and function normally. From vision or hearing loss to disfigurement and the emotional scarring, head and face injuries are highly destructive and life-altering. They can mean loss of employment, high medical bills, and family distress.

What should you do if you have a head and face injury?
After obtaining primary medical care, contact a legal professional. Many attorneys specialize in obtaining compensation for head and face injury victims and will give you a free case consultation.

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