Armando T. Lauritano

Tampa, Florida - New York, New York


As the eldest son of an “old-school“ general surgeon, Morgan & Morgan attorney Armando Lauritano has witnessed firsthand the unfortunate changes in our medical system. The days of house calls, weekend post-surgical follow-up, and personalized patient service have long given way to a managed-care, corporate megastructure.

Our current medical system has supplanted the Hippocratic Oath with an overriding focus on profits. The tragic consequences of this healthcare evolution are borne out by society. To be sure, medicine is not an exact science and some undesirable outcomes are unavoidable, but tragedies brought on by medical professionals’ neglect, inexperience, and incompetence are not, and the wrong must be rectified.

Experience and commitment count in avoiding the traps and potential pitfalls of our medical malpractice system.

Mr. Lauritano has devoted the past 15 years solely to representing clients of medical malpractice. He is admitted to practice in both New York and Florida and has been lead counsel in numerous medical malpractice trials across this state.

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