Body and limb injuries can occur for many reasons, including during vehicle collisions, while participating in sports, during falls, or because of medical mistakes.

Body and limb injuries include knee, foot and shoulder injuries, as well as disfigurement, loss of mobility and broken bones. Statistics vary depending upon the event that caused the injury. For example:

  • Skiers are twice as likely to injure their lower limbs
  • Offshore workers are more likely to injure their upper limbs, including their hands, wrists and arms
  • Pedestrians hit by cars are most likely to suffer lower limb injuries
  • People who slip and fall are most likely to injure their hips, backs and wrists
Recovering from body and limb injuries can be time-consuming and painful. Some people suffer multiple bone fractures and have difficulty walking and even sitting for years after the injury occurs. Unfortunately, recovery can also be extremely expensive. Many people who suffer body and limb injuries have medical expenses as well as rehabilitation expenses to consider. They also face loss of income.