Birth Injury Stories: C-Section

When the time comes to give birth to a child, every parent wants to make sure that the environment is clean and safe, that the physicians are knowledgeable and prepared, and that everything goes smoothly without problems. This is a reasonable expectation for any parent to have, and it is this expectation that Michelle Coleman felt when it came time for her to deliver her baby.
On a beautiful September morning in 2003, Ms. Coleman and her partner Bernard Dixon arrived at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital in Hillsborough County, Florida, ready to give birth to their son Brandon. It was a happy day, full of excitement for what the future could bring for this young family.
Unfortunately, this excitement was brought to an end when Brandon was born with injuries. The physician in charge of delivery, named Luciano Martinez, did not order a C-section in a timely enough manner to prevent these injuries, and because of these actions, what should have been a joyous experience for the parents and child instead turned into the beginning of a long and difficult road to recovery and justice.
Despite overwhelming circumstances, Ms. Coleman and Mr. Dixon were able to assert control of the situation by retaining experienced attorneys from Morgan & Morgan. These attorneys were quick to provide assistance fight for compensation on behalf of the family and their injured son, Brandon. Ultimately, these attorneys would successfully secure $37,850,000 in damages for the suffering family.
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How Medical Negligence Led to Injury

One of the chief responsibilities of the medical and birthing team present during labor is to continually monitor the vitals of mother and child. By paying close attention to things like breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure, the physicians can take note of the child’s condition and take action quickly when they see those vitals trending in the wrong direction.
Sadly, during Brandon’s birth, these vitals were not adequately monitored. As Ms. Coleman spent the day in the hospital throughout her delivery, it became clear slowly over time that her child’s fetal heart rate was variable, or changing rapidly, and that this was a significant warning sign for the medical team to respond to. This was a serious concern as the infant’s heart rate continued to drop. At 10:39 that night, the physicians in charge of the birth began discussing the possibility of ordering a C-section.
When emergencies arise during delivery, it’s vital that the medical team act quickly to prevent injury to mother and child. Despite this standard of care, the medical team waited 40 minutes before taking Ms. Coleman into the operating room, and waited yet another 20 minutes before beginning the procedure. Brandon spent one hour in distress because of this carelessness. At 11:48pm on September 7, 2003, Brandon Dixon was born. He was found to have sustained perinatal asphyxia, or oxygen deprivation during birth. Perinatal asphyxia is a condition which can cause brain injury if it lasts for long enough, and Brandon had been in that condition for an hour. Immediately upon birth, Brandon suffered from seizures and needed to be intubated.

Getting Justice

Ms. Coleman and Mr. Dixon knew that they needed help to fight this injustice. They knew that the standard of care that they deserved from the medical professionals was not met, and that their trust had been violated in the process. They contacted attorneys from Morgan & Morgan to fight on their behalf.
The healthcare professionals in this case had failed to adequately monitor the vital signs of the child and recognize the emergent situation. By failing to acknowledge that Brandon was in a state of perinatal asphyxia, they were not responsive enough and instead delayed in ordering the C-section. They failed to follow the protocols which were in place to protect the mother and child from injury, and in so doing they failed to uphold their duty.
As a result, Brandon had been born with severe injuries to his nervous system, as well as brain damage, long-term disability, and a complete inability to function well enough in his adulthood to work or earn money. He would require care for the rest of his life. The family was burdened with the emotional toll of this situation, as well as hefty medical bills to maintain Brandon’s treatment.
Because of the extent of this injustice, when Morgan & Morgan attorneys brought this case to court, they were able to secure over $37,000,000 for the family. These damages would cover Brandon’s lifetime medical expenses, and compensate the family for the suffering and loss they had gone through.

Has Your Child Been the Victim of Medical Negligence?

We all place our full trust in the medical professionals who handle our care, and that trust should never be violated. Most of the time, our doctors uphold their end of the bargain, and are reliable at providing the treatment and standard of care that their patients deserve. Unfortunately, however, sometimes health care professionals behave carelessly or negligently and end up causing their patients harm as a result.
If you placed your trust in medical professionals to handle the birth of your child, and instead found that their negligence caused physical harm, please contact us as soon as possible to have one of our attorneys evaluate your case. All evaluations are free, and you will only have to pay us if damages are successfully awarded. We are here to support you and guide you to the justice your family deserves.
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