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Injury from an accident could require medical treatment that throws you into a
financial crisis, especially when you’re unable to work.

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Welcome To is an online portal for people who suffered accident-related and negligence-related injuries, and who need help coping with the financial impact of the injury.

You’ve Been Injured, What Next?

Serious injuries as a result of an accident often require costly medical treatment. The inability to work and earn a living makes these medical bills — and all other bills for that matter — harder to pay off. You need help and fast.

There are situations in which you could be getting financial compensation, money to reimburse you for past expenses and help you prepare for future treatments. You might also get paid for the time you were unable to work while recuperating from your injuries. If you are unsure if you are eligible for a claim, use the questionnaire and get the answer in under a minute.

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Many people find themselves in debt because of an accident, mainly due to piling medical bills that they are unable to pay — especially when they have lost their income because of an inability to work. What most people don’t know is they could have received financial compensation from the party responsible for the accident. provides the information and tools necessary for accident victims to help them overcome their financial crisis.

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