When you are in a car accident, medical expenses and the problem with medical bills will never enter your mind. Survival and getting away relatively unscathed is often the primary thoughts that you will have while the accident is happening. After the accident however, and while you are recuperating in the hospital, thanking your lucky stars that you are alive, is when reality will hit you and the question of who will shoulder your medical bills will come to the forefront.

Asking the question of who will be paying your medical bills is a normal and natural question to ask given that these can burn a huge hole in your pocket. The more serious the injuries are, the bigger the medical expenses that need to be covered. So, who is responsible for covering the cost of getting better after a vehicular accident?

Who Will Pay Your Medical Bills?

The answer is not as straightforward as you might want to think. People may say that your insurance company should cover your medical costs, but this usually depends on a lot of factors. For one, where you are located in the US plays a part in who pays for your medical bills. For example, if you are in Florida, PIP or personal injury protection, covers the initial $10,000 of your medical bills in what is called a no-fault insurance.

If you are not from Florida, you should find out whether or not PIP protects you in the State you are in and if it can cover your medical bills in case of a car accident. Otherwise, you will be obligated to cover your own medical bills, unless if you have med pay insurance. This is a type of insurance that covers the injured person’s bills for medication and hospitalization up to the policy’s limits. Any amount over the policy limits falls to the person to pay.

Who is At Fault?

The general rule however, regardless of PIP or med pay, is that you will end up paying your medical bills unless there are circumstances that show you were the victim of another person’s negligent driving or something was wrong with your vehicle, to begin with and the manufacturer is actually at fault for your accident. In these cases, the “at fault” party is responsible for your medical bills and ongoing medical expenses.

Of course, when this happens, you will still need to prove that the “at fault” party is indeed liable for your injuries and should be made to pay for whatever medical bills you have. While this is happening, you will definitely have to cover your own medical bills (if you don’t have health insurance to cover this, that is). You will get reimbursed for the money you shelled out for your medication after it is adjudged that the other party was indeed at fault and liable for all expenses incurred due to the accident.

No two accidents are the same, which is why figuring out who is responsible for paying your medical bills can be such a perplexing thing. One way to find out is to ask someone who has ample knowledge regarding the law and compensation claims about this. Another way is to find out off-the-bat if someone else is responsible for paying your medical bills, and you can do this by answering this questionnaire. In one minute, you will find out whether or not your medical expenses can be reimbursed or if you are even entitled to more due to your accident.