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When you're injured, you feel helpless, frustrated, and abandoned. Medicals bills start piling up. You may be missing work. You wish that someone would help you so you can start getting back to normal.

A community of dedicated attorneys formed to get injury victims the help they deserve. Across the nation and in numerous of cases, they have secured the rights of victims and gotten them the compensation they were entitled to. From auto accidents to medical malpractice to workplace injuries, can help injury victims get their lives back to normal.

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Lightning in All its Glory
June 2, 2009
The ratio of getting struck by lightning and killed is 280,000:1. Most lightning fatalities take place outside, at recreational events like baseball games or on the golf course. If there is a lightning storm immediately seek refuge in either a building, hard topped vehicle, or if no shelter is near, crouch on the balls of your feet as low to the ground as possible in order to create the lowest profile, but dont lay flat on the ground. ...
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Do I Have a Case?
Many people don’t know they have a case, and they aren’t aware of the laws that protect them. Instead, they accept low settlements or no compensation at all from skilled negotiators hired ...
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Vioxx: The Most Lucrative Drug Ever to Be Withdrawn from the Market
Rofecoxib, more commonly known as Vioxx, was voluntarily withdrawn from the market by Merck on September 30, 2004. A widely accepted non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), Vioxx was suspected by its producer to be related to several cardiovascular events, most commonly heart attacks and strokes., and other painful ailments....
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