Real or fake

Real or Fake Legal Cases? You Decide

You might just find yourself saying, “no way.”

If you were to walk into any law library and scan the thousands of books containing case law, you’d find some serious cases and precedents. Decided cases from the past give current legal professionals the basis for arguing current cases. 

If you had a lot of time on your hands to dig through them all, you might find some seriously silly cases and their legal outcomes. Doesn’t that sound like a good time? We didn’t think so either, so we’re sharing a few that we’ve found you can enjoy wherever you are.

Real or fake #1: Kidnapper sues hostages

A kidnapper was holding people hostage in their own home. When the kidnapper fell asleep, the hostages escaped. They alerted the police and the kidnapper was arrested. Well, the hostages then sued the kidnapper for what he put them through. Then the kidnapper countersued claiming they had struck a deal they’d hide him from the police.  Apparently, the hostages weren’t really interested in that deal.

The suit was real, but the case was dismissed.

Real or fake #2: Man sues Uber for causing his divorce

A man was unable to use his phone, so he used his wife’s phone to call for an Uber. The man claims the GPS tracking of the app let his wife know where he was going. Apparently, notifications from the app of the destination was not what he said it was. She wasn’t too happy about that. She filed for divorce.         

The suit was real. Result of the lawsuit is unknown, but he lost in the divorce.

Real or fake #3: Woman sues the weatherman

A woman watched a well-known weatherman’s forecast. Based on that forecast she left for work dressed for a lovely sunny day. Unfortunately, it rained, and what she wore left her exposed to the elements. This caused her to get sick, and she had to miss several days of work. 

This suit was real and they actually settled out of court. Plus, she got an apology from the weatherman.

Real or fake #4: The city of Batman vs Batman

The mayor of a city in Turkey tried to sue the makers of a Batman movie. He claimed the movie makers were using the name of their town without permission. He wanted compensation from the movie’s royalties, claiming its success had negative psychological effects on the city’s residents and hurt local businesses trying to register in other countries. The movie did well. The mayor’s suit did not. 

This suit was real.

Real or fake #5: Sleeping student sues teacher for waking him

A teacher slammed her hand on a sleeping student’s desk to wake him. Apparently, he dozed off in the middle of her math class. The parents sued the school, the school board, and the city, claiming he suffered hearing loss.          

This suit was real, but it was dismissed. 

Some cases are open and shut cases

And some cases are just entertaining to read about. It’s surprising to read about what people think they can bring a lawsuit against someone. Some are frivolous and are treated as such by the courts who hear them. Some have a bit of merit and justice is served. 

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